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Phase 1 (In Progress)

Create 3,333 generative warriors. Develop website, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram presence. Enlist help of the community and Influencers to build a strong robust community.

Phase 2

Open Presale for 500 SOF followed shortly after by public sale. 50 SOF will be minted to community wallet for giveaway promotions and community events.

Phase 3

Launch DAO (read more below)

Holders will begin to receive rewards for their commitment.

Phase 4

Launch our presence in the Metaverse with a space in the Sandbox. Followed shortly after with Sisters Game.

The Team

About SOF

Sisters Of Fortune

The Sisters of Fortune are a collection of 3,333 NFTs derived from hundreds of possible traits. Each is unique with over 300 physical features, clothing, accessories, weapons, and backgrounds. They call the Ethereum blockchain home. Stored forever as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

However they are much more than various degrees of rarity. Each Sister represents a contribution to end injustices in the world.


The Team

Founder KaitieO

A dedicated human being, mother, and wife. Katie is a long-time advocate for women's rights and child trafficking reform. Find her on twitter @queenkaitieo or on discord. 

Sammy - Tech & Discord Manager

Sammy is a Discord Mastermind. She has been active in various NFT projects usually as a discord moderator.

Bionic Labs

Blockchain, Web3, and Generative Art development.

Headed by Michael Maag aka Peng1. Contact them on twitter @bionic_labs and Michael Directly on twitter @cryptopeng1

Peng1 is dedicated to web3 and blockchain applications and drones on and on about them. He has been active in the NFT space for quite some time as an artist and developer. 

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Doing Good
Through the Power of Web3 and Blockchain


​45% of total initial Sales will be contributed to help change the world and secure holders investment.

  • 10% of initial Sales will be contributed to Thorn. Thorn is an organization ,founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, building technololgy to defend children from sexual abuse.

  • 10% of initial sales will be contributed to Global Fund For Women. The Global Fund for Women is an international grantmaking foundation that supports groups working to advance the human rights of women and girls

  • 25% of initial sales will be used to create and fund a DAO that will be used to  help emerging artist, creators, and developers succeed.  Read more about the DAO Below


The DAO will be created to help emerging artists, creators, and developers find success on the blockchain.  25% of the initial sales will be added to the community wallet to develop the DAO. The DAO will be governed by the community of holders of SOF NFTs. Projects will be fully vetted and the community will vote on which to pursue. We will emphasize projects involving or supporting victims of human rights and trafficking.

This will benefit holders in number of ways.

  • Exclusive early access to new projects that are vetted for potential

  • Projects helped through the DAO will be required to either allow a number holders of SOF early access or contribute presale tokens to the community wallet.

  • Exclusive events and giveaways will be scheduled randomly to give back to the community.

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